Livingmaps Network was established in 2013 as a network of researchers, community activists, artists and others with a common interest in the use of mapping for social change, public engagement, critical debate and creative forms of community campaigning. 


what we do 

We have delivered development projects in the Stratford/Olympic Park area in east London under the title Speaking out of place: voices and visons from East 20, produced a youth video, a community photography exhibition and A Young Person’s Guide to the Olympic Park


Our current activities include:

· a programme of seminars, augmented by guided walks, workshops and public screenings; 

· conferences, including the symposium ‘London’s Turning’ about regeneration and the changing social landscape of east London and a forthcoming conference ‘Frontline Cartographies’;

· publication of the online journal Livingmaps Review, covering the intersection of cultural geography, critical cartography and community activism;

· The Citizens’ Atlas of London: an online platform and cartographic toolkit for a network of citizen mappers across the metropolis, focusing on the ‘opportunity areas’ identified in the London 2050 Infrastructure plan where major regeneration will be taking place. This initiative is supported by a programme of public lectures;

· Groundbreakers -  creating two trails which tell the history of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 


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