Livingmaps Review is a free to access, online journal which was first published in 2016. It appears twice a year. Each edition contains contributions from a wide range of authors who are interested in critical approaches to mapping and the use of maps for social engagement and action. 


The articles are divided into five sections:

-Navigations: full length articles with critical apparatus. 
-Waypoints: shorter experimental pieces of writing
-Mapworks: a gallery of maps, historical and contemporary, with interpretative commentary or dialogue.
-Lines of Desire: fiction, poetry and autobiography on cartographic themes, interviews with theorists and practitioners, annotated performance walks and photography.
-Reviews: of books, exhibitions and events


The members of the editorial team are: Phil Cohen (general editor), Mike Duggan (Navigations), Barbara Brayshay and Nicolas Fonty (Waypoints), Oscar Aldred (Mapworks), Blake Morris and Claire Qualmann (Lines of desire) and Jeremy Crump (Reviews and production).


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